Closing Time

So...was struggling with an issue with IE...a select list wouldn't populate on a page where 4 others written the same way were...spent like an hour on this issue...the solution..close and reopen IE....


Under Construction.....

I'll admit my posting has been somewhat lacking as of late. Some personal issues with our house (the spring storms of New England took no prisoners), lack of clean water in the Boston area, blah blah blah. So I promise to get back on the horse and start posting insightful and hopefully useful finding of my daily APEX usage. I also have a podcast to post which should be up by the weekend. Thanks for your patience and I'll post as soon as I can. Thanks!

Whatever Floats Your Boat..APEX Templates, IE and Floats

Recently working with some custom region templates and button placement I ran into an issue with IE (big surprise) and how it was interpreting the float:right CSS attribute. The behavior I was seeing was that in IE the apex button was being pushed down a row and not lining up with my region title. It seems IE hates floats when used in DIVs. But there is a worked in IE8. So what we could do is set up some IE 7 specific CSS calls to push the button back up using a margin-top:-18px for example. Doing a bit of digging on the interwebz I found the IE support team blog. An article found here pretty much outlined the issue I was having. the solution was the following code:

<span style='float:left;'>

apex region title here


<span style='float:right; background-color: Yellow;'>

apex buttons here

</span><br clear="both" />

If we add the <br clear="both" /> after the span sections, it not only works in IE 7 but IE 8 and firefox. An interesting solution but one that works. Maybe someone will ask the IE support team "Why?" in a future blog posting from them.


Static Electricity

Static electricity, kids hair and couches don't work well together...


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