APEX 4.0 is out!!

Read about it here in Joel's Blog or get it from OTN here.


ODTUG 2010...shameless promotion

Changing the color of your apex app/templates will only get you so far...On Wednesday (June 30th), starting at 4:35, learn how to propel your apex forms from good to great. Ill go over some simple but effective User Experience tips and tricks, best practices and more! Slides will be posted here shortly after for all who cannot attend ODTUG. 


Blessed be thy Twitter 


Always put your toys away when you are done...

Lately I have been working with alot of jQuery...especially bind and select lists...quick tip...if you set up a bind on a select list...remember to remove it when you are done with it.....


Snapshot your ideas

This picture was taken as a "snapshot", a picture not set up, not prepared, just taken. The very definition of a snapshot does not bring any great works of art to mind...but I really like this picture. Taking a picture of our youngest when only 1 adult around is a challenge in itself, but I think I got something here. So where am I going with this....we all have snapshot moments or ideas...snippets of info or thought that just pop into our heads at any time. I challenge you to record these snapshot and store them, write them down, log them, put them in your iPad (more on that later). You never know where one of these snapshots is going to lead you.