ECOUC Sample Code

In this zip is the apex text app and the a database object export.



KSCOPE Web Service Presentation Sample Code

as it is...



Pagination Quick Tip

When using PPR pagination in reports, when clicking pagination, the page will not reset to the top of the page. Its somewhat annoying and not what the user expects. Try this...

Create a dynamic action that fires on After Refresh. Set it on the region with your report that has PPR enabled. Now create a JavaScript action and use


Now when your users click a pagination, they will be brought back to the top of the page.


Responsive Design tool in FF 19

In Firefox 19, in Tools -> Web Developer is a option called responsive design view. It allows you to resize the browser window, without resizing the main window, to a specific resolution. Also allows you to change orientation. I think the best part of this is that I can see what my app looks like in different types of laptop resolutions without resizing the main window...huge time saver and cool tool.

Mar202013 and Apex 4.2...not happy together...

Hit a bug yesterday while upgrading some apex instances to 4.2. The issue is this, if upgrading an apex instance to 4.2 on an DB, you need to turn the DB parameter db_securefiles to be "PREMITTED'. If you don't, you will not be able to access stored files for plugins and the like. If you do accidently upgrade without this parameter, you can downgrade back to say 4.1, set the DB parameter and then re-apply the 4.2 upgrade. I'll thank Joel Kallman for this one, whom helped me out yesterday.