Build your first mobile app with APEX.

Yes...this upcoming presentation will be at at SEOUC in November, and hopefully at ODTUG next summer!


Adding inline error checking to your conditional items/regions/reports

Just looked this up and found the can reference the count of inline form validation errors and use that in a condition display. Now you can just use the select box for (No) Inline Validation Errors Displayed, but what if you want that and something else (not null, 1=2, etc)?

Just add "and wwv_flow.g_inline_validation_error_cnt  (<,>,=) x" to a plsql condition/function. Now you can create more complex conditions based on form/page validations!


Speak Clearly....

Just a quick thought on field errors/feedback... field....i put in 2-2-2011...


OK...thats fine...but what IS the correct format?? Give meaningful helps alot!

ERROR -- Please use mm/dd/yyyy as your date format.

Thats better....


From BPEL to BPEL...

Oracle SOA Suite is expensive....really expensive...things you dont really think about when you are on the inside and dont have to worry about costs...

So how do i develop BPEL projects and a SOA infrastructure if I cant afford this? Enter Riftsaw, a JBOSS opensource BPEL platform. I've just started to explore it, but so far its interesting. Lightweight, easy to install, reminds me of another product I use...

More to come on this as I start to build projects and the like...Might be a great alternative...might not..


Logical Grouping...using FIELDSET

When building your apex forms, logically grouping like inputs really helps the user along. Here where fieldset comes into play...use fieldset to group like inputs together to help navigate the user when entering data in.

For example...lets look at personal info. Grouping the name inputs and the address inputs will help guide the user along and give a plesent experience. 






The code is actually pretty simple and can be incorporated into either a region or template. Just add the following to your header/footer sections of a region or just drop into the template for a region, report, just about anything.


<legend>Fieldset Title</legend>
<input .......... (your code/report/anything here)